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Daoyin Tao ® - Acupressure Massage On The Face, Neck & Shoulders



Daoyin Tao ®  - Acupressure Massage on the face, neck & shoulders


You need not be ill or suffering in any way to benefit from Daoyin Tao Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage you can have a treatment just for pleasure, deep relaxation, rehabilitation and revitalisation.


What is Daoyin Tao? 

Pronounced Dow-yin Tao as in (TOWn) - A carefully selected blend of pure essential oils is massage of the Shoulders, face, neck and ears, whilst the scalp is left dry (for your convenience). Daoyin Tao is a uniquely harmonious synergistic blend of ancient Chinese acupressure work and modern Western massage techniques.


Utilising acupressure points individual to the clients needs with a relaxing flowing sequence of gently massage to release trapped and stagnant energy, enabling the body to heal itself from a wide variety of everyday complaints caused by modern day living.


How does Daoyin Tao work? 

Like Reflexology, Acupressure works on one area of the body to affect another. Although it follows a different map - the ancient Chinese meridians (there are 14 main ones) rather than the more recent concept of zones - most of the principles are similar.  Out of the 660 acupressure points available over the whole body, in Daoyin Tao we only use the most valuable ones on the shoulders, face, neck, ears and scalp, there are so many to choose from, that the overall experience can bring about the same benefits as a full body treatment. 


Once Lisa has identified which meridians and acupressure points to work on Daoyin Tao begins with the application of a specially blended oil, gently massaged into the shoulders, neck, face and outer ears, using slow flowing effleurage movements to create a real sense of relaxation and peace.


Using the pads of her fingers or thumb Lisa will apply a firm, but comfortable pressure in a circular motion to the acupressure points, before holding with a gentle pressure and releasing. Working in either a clockwise (stimulating) or anti-clockwise (sedative) manor will balance each utilised acupressure point accordingly, thus, moving stagnant and trapped energy by either gathering or dispersing.  Massage is then commenced, stroking downwards towards the lymph glands to release excess energy away from the area.  


A Daoyin Tao treatment will last 30 minutes.


During your Treatment

Everything you need to fully relax and enjoy your treatment will be provide for by Lisa.  You will be left in privacy to dress and un-dress, will be required to wear briefs during your treatment and will be covered by fresh towels and a blanket at all times, only ever exposing the area of the body being worked on (no intimate areas of the body will be exposed or treated)


For hygiene reasons Lisa has a wash basin and soap for her hands and always wears an appropriate tunic and trousers, and disposable paper towel is used for each of you to lay on during your treatment.






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